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Ideological economics

We have been constantly fighting for equal distribution of resources right from the day of monarchial implementation. A single man’s ideology and his political knowledge of resource management greatly failed leading to the fall of monarchial rule.

It is surprising, that even after the downfall of monarchy, handling of economics is being implemented from the olden way of management ethics. The defunct theories of the governance are still prevailing in the sub-continent in various forms be it religious divisions or the East Indian migration to the soil.

The real problem was never been the equal distribution of resources, it was accumulation of abundant resources. After the start of 21st century, India greatly moved into globalisation and early 90’s saw abolition of license raj system and opening up the economy. But, a democratically elected government was only able to upheld the democracy in governance and it couldn’t break the defunct ideologies which people carried right through centuries.

The ‘subjects’ as it is called during the monarchial period, people still have their loyalty to their ideological leaders and individual economic independence is going far away from reality. Traditional practices on financial management results in resource stagnation and newer means of availability is seen to be as growth in today’s governance. For example, many people in the country look at gold as an investment as such, which can be used for long term purposes.

Economics in itself is not ideological, but every ideology has the core idea towards equal economy. Well, governance and economics are not the same.

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