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Education and economics

Both sums up the fuel for living. Education is directly related to gaining knowledge. The indigenous question is the 5 w’s. Education is way more related to framing or understanding economics within a contrained set of rules.

Getting into the ‘what’ phase, leading to what knowledge. It is too ambiguous to clearly define knowledge. Can also be said as, knowledge is something which makes a person to effectively handle or do something. Isn’t it that simple. Example, a good cook has the knowledge of making good dishes, a film director makes a good film with the knowledge of film making, a good driver knows to drive a car smooth, etc.. fall into that category. These may not fall directly into the actual economic system.

Market education is what pushes economic system grow or pull it back. The market education is fundamentally not stable, does not always bring inclusive growth and will not always be an effective one. The market education is framed based on demand, on ideologies and also on the capital of money invested into it.

In recent times, social media groups and public forums are rather questioning the fundamentals of Indian educational system. How could a basic fundamental education for a kid go wrong suddenly when the kid becomes an adult? That’s because of the choice of career which is totally not related to what he / she had learnt.

A mechanical engineer who should be good in automobiles or making industrial machines gets into software industry, a good coder in the software industry becomes a tester. Market education makes these things happen and fundamental educational is being blamed for it. The choice was that of the individual and the menu was always full with various options.

An educated illiterate is a bigger and grave threat to the society than an atomic missile. Well learned person should be wise enough in their choices and that is the result of good education and make economics have a wider reach.